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A First Step to Igniting Your Zip and Zest

What if you could feel good again? I mean really, really good?

If you’ve been feeling less than energetic, having difficulty feeling excited about your goals, your business and life in general, it could well be that you have a calcium shell that is numbing you down and preventing you from feeling truly alive. And you say, “what in the world is a calcium shell?”

I have coordinated with Rick Malter, Ph.D., author of The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis to offer a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis package as the first step to reigniting zip and zest. Click BOOK COVER for an overview of Dr. Malter, a retired clinical psychologist with 35 years personal and professional experience with Hair TMA.

The Hair TMA package includes:

a) one 60-minute overview phone consultation with me
b) one hair tissue mineral lab analysis
c) one 60-minute phone consultation with Dr. Malter and me (mp3 provided)
d) one follow up 60-90 minute mineral and nutritional phone consultation with me to implement your personalized re-mineralization plan (mp3 provided)

Together, you, Dr. Rick and I will take a good look at your bio-chemical issues and discover what else you can do to awaken your physical and mental energy with a re-mineralization plan custom-designed especially for you.

Email me today HERE to investigate the root of those pesky bio-chemical chaos issues that dull one's energy. We’ll schedule your empowered health and Hair TMA phone overview with me and get your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in motion.

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