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I’ve Been Where You Are . . .

My name is Rachel L. Neumann, and I’ve been where you are. Even though I have been an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher for over 25 years, I haven’t always been as successful or felt as empowered as I do now.

For many of my early adult years I experienced the pain and frustration of having authority figures tell me what to do, without ever telling me how to do it. 

I left home, married, and thought I was going to live happily forever after. Then all of a sudden, I found myself with three small children, having to raise them alone after my husband left for another woman.

As a single mom, I really struggled and I failed at relationships. I had huge emotional and spiritual wounds and had no idea of who to ask for help or how to heal from so much disappointment.

I lived in fear of not having enough money to support my family, and myself. I didn’t have the instructions that I needed to move out of the wounded leader syndrome and I lacked the confidence of living my big vision.

So much changed for me when I learned about an ancient roadmap — a blueprint and a pathway to quantum consciousness and soul for healing and success. Like you, I already knew what was hurting, but knowing how to change all that programming, all that fear, self-doubt, and insecurity is what made all the difference.

When I found these principles—an actual map—I knew I wanted to share them. Your Pathway to Empowerment provides a much-needed blueprint for today’s conscious leaders and visionaries that can finally take the mystery out of creating authentic relationships and living powerfully.

From this exact blueprint I created the life that I am now living. I am married to my soul mate for over 25 years, I have wonderful, loving relationships with my adult children, the respect of my family, and I am living my big vision.

Rachel welcomes the opportunity to support you on your personal journey -- your very own pathway to empowerment.


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