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A six-week foundational course in empowered health

presented by Rachel L. Neumann

Make this the year that your resolution for the New Year focuses on unraveling the mess of life with a new you on the road to empowered extraordinary health.

You can have money in the bank, a great job, a wonderful marriage with the greatest kids ever, but, if you don’t have high energy and extraordinary health, how can you possibly truly enjoy the life you have created?

The only place that your soul can fulfill its purpose is in your body! A healthy body must be our focus because Infinity needs a finite focus point. Our job here and now is to take the physical and make it spiritual again.

Healing the Mess of Life: Mind, Minerals, Miracles and Morphic Fields is for you, if you have:

  • Followed one diet and detox suggestion after another with no results.
  • Worked with multiple specialists in alternative and allopathic clinics without help.
  • Dutifully followed one or more protocols with no improvement.
  • Felt like you keep running into brick walls with no answers to your health problems.
  • Been struggling for what seems like forever with fatigue, without finding any real answers.
  • A personal history of trauma, stress, and worry.
  • Been feeling stuck, discouraged and depressed and don’t know what to do next.
  • A family history of heart failure, high blood pressure, cancer, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, or worse.
  • The commitment to finally kick all your negative beliefs to the curb and create true wholeness of mind, body, and soul.

You deserve to know exactly how to create total empowered health for mind, body and soul.

As an empowerment coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher, my passion has focused for decades on researching why people get sick and why they don’t heal. My research and my healing practice include the lesser known issues of metabolic balance, tissue mineral balance, personal sovereignty, and spiritual enlightenment.

In this special six-week foundational course in empowered health, I will be featuring many facets of healing to empower you so you can design the health and life that you’ve always wanted, and create the success and abundance that you deserve.

I want to guide you beyond the diagnosis, beyond the neurological mind fields and beyond the emotional booby traps to real empowerment and empowered health.

I want to share solutions to health challenges with you so you can manifest the energy you need, the mental clarity you want, and the emotional steadiness to face life’s challenges with abundant energy reserves!

If you're ready to break the spell of inherited psychogenetic physical weaknesses, irrational allopathic beliefs, and other sinister death traps, this empowered health class is for you.

Imagine yourself:

  • Understanding the connection between organs, muscles, and emotions.
  • Having the consciousness to stop sending negative messages to your cells.
  • Having the power to interrupt the neurological stress programming of the amygdala, and stop the constant fight, flight, and freeze messages before they occur.
  • Having the clarity of thought to unravel allopathic mind hacks and brainwashing.
  • Knowing how to escape the emotional booby traps that set you up for failure.
  • Being able to unravel and reprogram the inherited psychogenetic messages and programs passed down to you from your parents and grandparents.

Healing the Mess of Life: Mind, Minerals, Miracles and Morphic Fields is designed to transform your relationship with your mind, your body, and your emotions.

If having lots of energy, clarity of purpose and happiness is the enrichment you need, invest in yourself today and join me to explore the mystical alchemy of healing.

A Consciousness Expanding Spiritual Approach to Healing and Wholeness

Adapted from

ancient metaphysical maps of reality, ancient Hebrew texts and Kabbalah.

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